Klue Centralizes Win-Loss Data from Clozd, DoubleCheck and More in One Central Competitive Enablement Platform

VANCOUVER, BC – October 20, 2022 – Klue, the category leader in competitive enablement, is helping customers centralize insights and data from win-loss industry leaders like Clozd, DoubleCheck, IcebergIQ, and Fletcher CSI into a single platform for compete. 

Win-loss analysis — the systematic process of analyzing data pertaining to both lost and won deals — is a fundamental primary source of competitive intelligence. Klue is now helping organizations incorporate win-loss analysis into their competitive enablement programs, ensuring that those valuable insights are understood within the broader market context, and actioned upon by the appropriate stakeholder groups across the organization. 

“Insights generated from real customer interviews are foundational to a successful competitive enablement program. When combined with other external and internal data, raw intel is converted into usable insights faster and easier. Klue is excited to work with a full slate of win-loss providers to bring it all together and enable our customers to deliver content sellers need to win more business.” – Jason Smith, Co-Founder and CEO, Klue

“Win/loss interviews yield powerful competitive insights that, tactically, need to make their way into collateral that sales teams and executives use. Having the competitive insights we uncover for our clients incorporated into their Kluespace will add obvious value for our mutual clients. We’re excited about Klue’s commitment to incorporating Clozd data into battlecards and competitive profiles, and look forward to ever-expanding integration capabilities as time goes on.” – Andrew Peterson, Co-founder and CEO, Clozd

“There are so many valuable insights gained from qualitative win-loss analysis. At the same time, you’re also gathering other valuable data from various sources across your organization. It’s important to not leave everything in silos. Klue gives our clients a way to distribute win-loss data alongside other critical business insights in order to help drive strategic business decisions.” – Natasha Narayan, CEO and Co-Founder, IcebergIQ

“Win/Loss analysis is a critical tool every company should be utilizing. The learnings from win/loss can be applied to virtually every function, from sales to product marketing, pricing to UI/UX.  Win/loss helps organizations better understand their competition, align their value proposition and product roadmaps, improve their strategies, and ultimately win more business. Combining effective W/L analysis with Klue’s best-in-class solution gives organizations the insights they need to gain key advantages over their competition.“ Chad Stimson, COO, Fletcher/CSI

Thanks to powerful win-loss services and software, organizations are better equipped to compete amid ever-crowded markets and economic headwinds. 

Customers of Klue reap these benefits and more by using its category-leading, AI-powered, competitive enablement platform to drive more revenue and realize efficiency gains. 

Read more about how you can leverage win-loss insights with Klue here.

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