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How is Klue Building an AI Foundation for Market, Buyer, and Competitive Insights?
Competitive Enablement

How is Klue Building an AI Foundation for Market, Buyer, and Competitive Insights?

The wave of AI has been…interesting. 

First it was shock and awe. 

Then it was a fear of robot world domination. 

Now, we’re getting a grip on what AI can actually do for us as people, employees, and businesses.

For product marketing and competitive intelligence teams, painting a clear picture of the market is harder than ever. It’s all stuck between piles of market data, buyer feedback, and competitive research. 

So our team at Klue asked “why can’t we help them complete this analysis in seconds –  not weeks?”

This blog is to explain how we’re tackling that question with Klue AI.

Why does AI need context?

One of our early learnings while building Klue Insights is that AI is only as good as the context it is built around. 

A chatbot out-of-the-box isn’t going to provide product marketers — and their revenues teams — with the information they need to compete effectively.

I’m sure many of you have tried it with ChatGPT yourself. At first glance, the answers look good.

But, a second look and you realize that something just isn’t quite right. The response is surface level and not actionable. 

That’s because most AI is using public knowledge with very broad context. 

And our engineering team has learned that the context and data AI has available determines if responses are useful or bland.

ChatGPT inaccuracy conducting competitive intelligence research.

How does Klue develop context for Insights?

With this in mind, one of our biggest priorities right now is developing the right context for product marketing and competitive intelligence teams. We want you, the analyst, to get competitive insights that sound like they came from you – and not a 1st grader.

This means tossing those soulless robots aside and bringing in AI that has been trained for market, buyer, and competitive insights. 

Training this type of AI is like building a passionate athlete. If you’re feeding it garbage data, you’ll get garbage results.

At Klue, we’re fueling ours with spinach instead of Pop-Tarts.

Klue's AI foundation for Market, Buyer, and Competitive Insights

What kind of data sources are used as inputs?

One of the first inputs (in addition to all of the public data ChatGPT uses) that we focused on at Klue were customer reviews. 

This is a licensed source consisting of thousands of comments on your competitor from customers and buyers that public LLMs cannot access.

Now tie those to proprietary data from things such as win-loss and churn interviews. These are deep, unique insights directly from your buyer’s mouth.

With just those two volumes of data, you are able to extract deep insights in seconds, such as the strengths and weaknesses of a given competitor.

Take it a step further and feed Klue Insights call transcripts, CRM Notes, and even Buyer Pulse surveys (we’ll touch on those in another blog). Two inputs turn to five and now the data driving your analysis is even richer. 

Why Strengths and Weaknesses are the First Step

Here’s the truth: building a well-trained AI isn’t easy. Our focus is specific to your market, buyers, and competitive landscape. And that’s why we’re getting specific with how we build it for you.

Klue Insights is starting with Strengths and Weaknesses as a foundational block to something greater. Product Marketing, Competitive, and Research teams use Strengths and Weaknesses feeds into things like:

  • Positioning your product
  • Finding feature preference for the product roadmap
  • Crafting messaging that resonates with your buyers
  • Building battlecards for sales and customer success teams

…and even that last minute request from the executive team.

So, why are we building Insights?

There are two main reasons:

  1. To reduce your time-to-analysis
  2. To provide deeper competitive insights that you cannot access anywhere else

At Klue, we have worked with a lot of superstar competitive intelligence researchers. But research takes time. Our goal is to cut that down from weeks to seconds, so that our customers can spend more time acting on the insights instead of wading through reports, reviews, and messy notes.

We’re also focused on building valuable, secure insights that are specialized in providing the answers you and your revenue teams need to beat the competition; not generic responses that look good at face value.

If you made it this far…

Then you’re probably at least a little interested in what we’re building here.

And we’ve a BIG announcement on exactly this to kick-off our upcoming event, Klue Quarterly, on Mar. 27.

You can save your free seat here.

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