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Klue Makes Competitive Intelligence Collection a Team Sport with Microsoft Teams

The best competitive intel is internal intel.

But that valuable intel doesn’t do you much good if it’s splintered and siloed off in your internal messaging platforms.

That’s why we at Klue are very excited to announce we’ve launched an official Klue for Teams app!

Here are three reasons why we’re stoked on the Klue for Teams app — and why you should be too!

Better and easier crowdsourcing of internal

When a prospect tells your sales rep that a competitor is heavily discounting their prices — that intel needs to be shared.

When a customer tells your CSM that they’re expecting their CFO to cut budget — that intel needs to be shared.

And when your product team uncovers information about a competitor’s product release — that intel needs to be shared.

Klue for Teams makes it easy to capture internal intel and insights shared in conversations without having to chase down reps or fish around for the right messages.

Let the intel sharing begin!

One place to centralize all your intel

Competitive intelligence moves fast.

Themes are often disparate and require a piecing together of the puzzle in order to make sense of it all.

Having everything live in one centralized location is a good way to start.

The Klue for Teams app takes internal conversations out of their silos by making it easy to share those conversations into Klue.

That way everyone in your organization will be able to lay their eyes on critical information, not just a select few.

klue teams integration

Rewards and reinforces internal intel sharing

One of the best ways to build a culture of compete within your organization is to publicly acknowledge intel sharing.

Busy schedules can often disincentivize taking that extra step of sharing intel.

You should make the extra effort to notice and recognize intel sharing — the Klue for Teams app is here to help too.

Every time someone sends intel to Klue from Teams, the original sender and the rest of the team can see it.

This helps signal that their contribution was valuable, and encourages everyone to share more.

Learn more about the Klue Teams App!

You’re close to unlocking valuable insights from your team’s internal intel.

Don’t wait any longer. Dive deeper into the Klue for Teams App and book a customized demo here.

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