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Introducing the Klue Partner Network: We All Win Together

Don’t go it alone. Don’t you know that winning is better when we win together?

That’s why we’re connecting our customers with a community of tech platforms and professional services firms — introducing the Klue Partner Network

It’s harder than ever to compete. Generating more revenue faster and at the lowest cost has never been more critical. So how do We All Win Together?

The Klue Partner Network is a centralized source for our customers to collaborate with leading service providers, helping them generate more business — and doing it in a fraction of the time.

And when humans are the solution, the Klue Partner Network makes it easy to connect with some of most well-respected consultancies in tech and beyond.

“The average company loses 33% of all deals to a direct competitor, many of those deals being entirely winnable with a better enablement approach. With Klue as their compete platform, our customers are able to leverage other tools like Gong, Salesforce, Slack and Highspot to find the efficiencies that tip more of those winnable deals in their favour,” said Klue Co-Founder and CEO Jason Smith. 

Winning more revenue with a network of partners 

Win-Loss Analysis – Klue works with win-loss providers like Clozd, IcebergIQ, Anova Consulting, as well as DoubleCheck by Klue, to provide deep analysis on why customers win and lose business.

Content Creation – Sedulo Group, Cascade Insights

Competitive and Market Research – Aggregate Insights, and Fletcher CSI

Further enhanced by a suite of technology integrations

Communication – Klue’s native, two-way Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations lets users instantly share internally-sourced competitive intelligence to Klue, and distribute insights to teams where they work. 

Conversational Intelligence  – Klue’s Gong integration lets you capture competitor mentions from the field, as well as assess and coach how sellers are leveraging your differentiated messaging.

Sales Enablement – Klue’s integrations with Highspot, Showpad, and Seismic make competitive content accessible in the tools that revenue teams already spend time in.

“There are so many valuable insights gained from qualitative win-loss analysis. At the same time, you’re also gathering other valuable data from various sources across your organization.” said Natasha Narayan, CEO and Co-Founder of IcebergIQ. “It’s important to not leave everything in silos. Klue gives our clients a way to distribute win-loss data alongside other critical business insights in order to help drive strategic business decisions.” 

Whether it’s a technical edge, a helping-hand or an expert brain to pick, you we’re making it our mission to build a community of partners that brings it all together.

Head to the Klue Partner Network page and discover how we can All Win Together.

your competitive revenue gap is the revenue lost to competitors that you should have won

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