Dec 16th 2022

Competitive Revenue Gap Calculator

Credibly quantify the revenue from deals you should have won but was lost to a competitor instead with the interactive Competitive Revenue Gap Calculator.

Nov 15th 2022

Competitive Intelligence Trends Report 2022

10 min

Download the ultimate competitive intelligence report with trends, insights and analysis on the state of CI in 2022.

Jul 21st 2022

The Five Laws of Highly Effective Battlecards

Your checklist for building the best battlecard content around, courtesy of the experts. Five of the most essential tips you need to start using […]

Mar 22nd 2022

Your Guide to Conducting Competitive Confidence Surveys

5 min

Get everything you need to know about building, measuring and boosting Competitive Confidence.

Feb 1st 2022

8 Things Your Sales Reps Need to Know About Your Competitor

5 min

Sales reps that track their competitors are 2.9x more likely to win. So, what should they know about your competitor before a call?

Dec 9th 2021

The 2021 Competitive Enablement Playbook

5 min

Learn what it takes to build a competitive strategy that enables your teams to win from leaders at companies like Cisco, Dell, Salesforce and Slack.

Dec 8th 2021

Your Guide to Conducting Competitive Win-Loss Interviews

5 min

Sales reps are wrong about why they win or lose deals more than 60% of the time. It’s time to take the guesswork out of your win-loss analysis.

Jun 16th 2021

The Competitive Enablement Maturity Model

15 min

Accelerate your competitive enablement program. Find out where your program currently sits, and what you need to do next to level up.

Jun 1st 2021

The Gong & Klue Playbook

20 min

Supercharge your Klue battlecards with Gong. A step-by-step guide on how to integrate Gong intel into your competitive program.