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Nov 1st 2023

Three Win-Loss Secrets from the C-Suite

5 min

Win-loss helps you win more… but only when conducted correctly. Here are three secrets from execs who have used win-loss effectively within their business.

Sep 28th 2023

Dismantling Competitors with Trap Questions and Battlecards

4 min

30 Minutes to President’s Club and Klue join forces to share how you can nail trap questions to swat competitors out of the deal.

Aug 17th 2023

Competitive Intelligence Newsletter Guide

5 min

Best practices, expert advice and the ultimate template for your competitive intelligence newsletter

Aug 4th 2023

Business Wargaming Template

5 min

Keep your entire business two steps ahead of your competitor’s next move by a running a business wargaming exercise.

Apr 24th 2023

Your Churn Analysis Interview Template

4 min

Discover how to retain more customers by effectively interviewing the ones that got away.

Apr 23rd 2023

Your Competitive Enablement Business Case Template

5 min

Your guide for building an action plan to close your company’s competitive revenue gap.

Mar 22nd 2023

Your Competitive Confidence Survey Template

5 min

Get everything you need to know about building, measuring and boosting Competitive Confidence.

Feb 14th 2023

The Five Laws of Highly Effective Battlecards

Your checklist for building the best battlecard content around, courtesy of the experts. Five of the most essential tips you need to start using […]

Feb 14th 2023

Your Win-Loss Analysis Executive Summary Template

5 min

Be the star of your next executive meeting with this editable win-loss analysis summary template.

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