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Mar 6th 2021

Enabling Sales with Actionable Competitive Intelligence… At Scale

60 min

Justin Topliff walks through the best ways to integrate technology into your competitive enablement program so that you can serve salespeople efficiently, and at scale.

Mar 6th 2021

Sales Battlecard Deep Dive: Objection Handling

60 min

Learn how to enable your reps to anticipate what is being said before your prospect even raises an objection.

Feb 27th 2021

How to Launch a Competitive Intelligence Function in 90 Days

60 min

Discover the framework Tracy Berry used to build a winning competitive program at ServiceMax, all in 90 days.

Feb 26th 2021

How to Build Battlecards Salespeople Love

60 min

Learn how to create battlecard content your sales team is starving for and strategies to deliver relevant competitive insights throughout the sales cycle.

Feb 26th 2021

How to Collaborate on Competitive Intelligence Remotely

60 min

The world is going remote, and information sharing has changed. Learn how to keep sales engaged with the competitive intelligence that you provide.

Feb 25th 2021

Value Propositions that Sell

60 min

It’s time to reframe your messaging to focus on customer-centric solutions. Abdul Rastagar explains how to shift your value propositions in order to sell more effectively.

Feb 24th 2021

Battlecards for the Win: Content that Closes

60 min

Sales battlecards are your best bet to win more competitive deals. Learn how to build battlecards your reps will turn to when they need to win.

Feb 22nd 2021

How COVID is Changing Competitive Programs

60 min

2020 has shaken how businesses operate. Learn how your competitive enablement program can adjust and impact the new priorities that your execs are focusing on.

Feb 14th 2021

Building an All-Star CI Function: The Skillsets Your Team Needs to Have

60 min

Learn what the most important roles on your competitive team are and how they contribute to the overall success of your competitive enablement program.

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