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Bring your buyer’s voice to your intel. Introducing Klue Insights.
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Bring your buyer’s voice to your intel. Introducing Klue Insights.

The only constant is change.

Sorry, too introspective? No but for real, it’s never been more difficult to keep track of your market, your buyers, and your competition. That’s because there’s now more data than any of us even know what to do with. 

The problem isn’t that it’s not accessible — for the most part it is. The problem is that the information we rely on to enable our teams to win rarely factors in one of the most important data sources we can get our hands on, the voice of our buyers. That’s because sifting through all of the different types of buyer insights takes time, not to mention requires us to have an idea as to what we should be looking for. And without the necessary time and tools to do so, we’re not able to build the content our teams need to compete at the highest level. 

Until today.

Introducing Klue Insights – bring your buyer’s voice to your intel.

Klue Insights helps you automatically surface and analyze thousands of data points from G2 reviews, win-loss interviews, Gong calls and more so you can build highly defensible battlecards your team will trust.

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With Klue, you can now more easily see how you stack-up against the competition and have more time to improve how deals are won. 

Here’s what you can expect from Klue Insights 👇

Insights from the sources you care about most

Not all data sources are equal. For example, you can glean so much more from a review site than you can by going to someone’s website. The problem is that you’re forced to sift through each of these channels one by one to find the good stuff.

Klue connects to the data sources you rely on to better understand your customers like G2 reviews, win-loss interviews, Gong calls, and CRM notes. Now you can make your competitive content stronger by infusing it with social proof collected directly from your buyers. 

Key themes to make your intel more actionable

Collecting data isn’t the hard part. The hard part is trying to connect the dots between all of the different data sources at your disposal. Let’s say you see that your competitor claims to have deep integrations from a few G2 reviews, but in reality, they go an inch deep and a mile wide. You might not be confident telling your sales teams to lean hard into your integration capabilities as a point of differentiation from just a few reviews alone. But what if you could add more context?

Klue AI generates insights like strengths and weaknesses or win-loss reasons by triangulating feedback across your G2 reviews, win-loss interviews and call recordings. So now you can be confident in the level of intel you’re giving to your sales team to use in their conversations. 

Battlecards your team will trust (and use)

Sales wants to use the content we put together. But the truth is that they need to have confidence in anything they put in front of a prospect because at the end of the day, it’s their money on the line.

With Klue, all insights include links to the exact review, transcript, or call snippet. So when you add them to your battlecards in just a few clicks, your sales team can sift through them with ease and have more confidence on their next call knowing they can maintain trust with their buyers.
Interested in learning more about how Klue Insights can help you bring your buyer’s voice to  your intel? Get a demo today.

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