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The First-Ever Competitive Enablement Summit is Coming. Here’s What to Expect.

The First-Ever Competitive Enablement Summit is Coming. Here’s What to Expect.


They win deals against you that they shouldn’t, they come for your customers, and sometimes, they’ll even just straight up copy you.

That’s why Klue is hosting the first-ever Competitive Enablement Summit: to help you build the playbook you need to swat aside the competition.

And we’re bringing together the best in competitive intelligence, product marketing, sales, and revenue enablement to help you do so.

So, before grabbing your free ticket (which you can do right now!), here’s what you can expect.

The lineup that will revamp your competitive playbook

The speakers for Klue's Competitive Enablement Summit for day one
The speakers for Klue's Competitive Enablement Summit 2021 day two

Three takeaways from the Competitive Enablement Summit

1. Learn how to create a competitive strategy that sets you apart from your competitors

Have you looked at a G2 matrix lately? Trying to find your logo can feel like you’re reading ‘Where’s Waldo?’. 

Markets are flooded more than ever before, and frankly, people likely can’t tell you and your competitors apart.

In order to win, companies need to grab a fundamentally differentiated position in the market. 

That’s why Peep Laja, CEO at Wynter, CXL, will be sharing what your company needs to do to compete — and win — in even the most saturated markets.

Wouldn’t you also want to learn from a startup that managed to rise above their competitors and dominate in the hotly contested sales enablement category?

Well, Jarod Greene, VP of Product Marketing at Highspot, will be joining us at the Summit to share how you can gain a competitive advantage by building a ‘culture of sharing’ among departments. It takes more than just your sales team to win a competitive deal. 

2. Get tangible advice from those running industry-leading competitive enablement programs

Competitive strategists, CI professionals, and product marketers, please buckle up.

We’ve got a star-studded lineup of veterans who are ready to pull back the curtain on how they’ve built some of the best competitive programs going.

Stefan Eller will be spilling the secrets to successfully leading the competitive intelligence organization at Cisco for 17 years and running, and what you can do to swat aside imitators with competitive intelligence.

Chris Agnoli, Competitive Enablement Lead at Juniper Networks, will share how he built a business case for competitive enablement at an enterprise company. It’s a playbook so tangible that you can take it and use it yourself, regardless of the size of your company.

There are plenty of other industry-leading competitive strategists joining us including, Emily Childs-Lopez, Director of Market Strategy at Salesforce, Terry Hurst, Sr. Director of Competitive and Marketing Intelligence at Workday, Jay Nakagawa, Director of Competitive Intelligence at Dell Technologies, and Clara Smyth, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Slack.

3. Discover what it takes for your revenue teams to outsell the competition

It’s in the heat of a competitive sales deal where you get up close and personal with your biggest competitors. And it’s also these deals that determine whether you meet your quota or close the quarter empty-handed.

So, to any reps that are looking for usable tactics to get ahead of that competitor that keeps popping up in deals, and those that are in charge of enabling them with the competitive content and talk tracks to push them across the finish line, have we got a lineup for you.

Anthony Iannarino, author of ‘Eat their Lunch: Winning customers away from your competition’, will be joining the Summit to share what you need to do to sweep aside competitors in the eyes of your buyer.

We’re also excited to have Kyle Coleman, VP Revenue Growth & Enablement at Clari, share what your teams can do when prospecting to gain a competitive advantage at the starting point of a sales cycle.

There are plenty of other sales and revenue enablement leaders joining us to share how you can lead your sales teams to competitive victories including, Kevin Dorsey, VP of Inside Sales and LinkedIn Top Sales Voice of 2020, Blaire Hervey, Sr. Director of Global Industry Sales Enablement at Salesforce, and Christine McCallum, VP of Enablement at Galvanize.

Don’t just compete. Compete to win.

It’s time to get ahead of the competition. Join us at the competitive event of the year on October 27 & 28.

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