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Announcing SOC 2 Compliance: Taking ‘Enterprise-Ready’ to the next level
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Announcing SOC 2 Compliance: Taking ‘Enterprise-Ready’ to the next level

There was a rumour in season four of Netflix’s Last Chance U that the ICC Pirates’ playbook had been leaked to other coaches in the league by a bitter ex-assistant coach. You never found out if it was true or not, but the previous league champions went on to lose almost every game of the season.

It’s a harsh lesson in the importance of protecting your competitive strategies. 

In business, your competitive playbooks give everyone in your company the competitive edge. They’re valuable intellectual property and are usually the result of a huge amount of time and effort to find, sift through, and make sense of volumes of intelligence, ultimately to create actionable strategies through battlecards, newsletters, and competitive briefs.

Your battlecards and other competitive playbooks are valuable Competitive IP, and if they get leaked – you lose the ability to use those strategies.

From the beginning, Klue has made the reliability and security of our platform, and our customers’ intel a top priority. We’ve always aimed to create a platform of enterprise-ready software that our customers can trust. If it’s enterprise ready, it’s everyone ready.

Announcing SOC2 Type II Compliance

Klue is excited to announce that we’ve completed our SOC2 Type II compliance audit for the Trust categories of security, availability and confidentiality. The independent audit verifies that our security controls and processes are operating effectively.


During software evaluation, most companies conduct security reviews. These reviews prove how that software provider will protect your data and ensure it’s availability when you need it. Klue’s SOC2 compliance makes this step easier, showing that security is a priority and supporting your enterprise data needs. Trust that Klue will keep your valuable intel secure and available to only those who should have access, such as direct sales or channel partners.

What does this mean for our customers:

  • Continued commitment to developing a secure SaaS platform for companies of all sizes
  • Added trust that your intel will be kept safe within Klue
  • Added trust that your users and intel are managed effectively

More than SOC2: Introducing Klue’s Enterprise-Ready Suite

Security is about more than just SOC2 compliance. We’re proud to introduce our full Enterprise-Ready suite of features all built with the purpose of making our SaaS platform secure, accessible and capable for some of our most complex enterprise customers needs. Our journey so far includes:


The Trusted Leader in Secure Competitive Enablement

Competitive enablement is ensuring your sales teams can access the right competitive insights at the right time.

Broadening the list of enterprise ready features shows our ongoing commitment to delivering the highest standards available in the Competitive Enablement industry. Our mission is simple, to create and maintain a secure, worry-free environment for our customers; it’s why we’ve earned the confidence of over 80,000 users.

In fact, we’re the only Competitive Enablement platform that has achieved SOC2 compliance. 


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