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Expert Series: Researching Tier 2 Competitors

June 28, 2018 by Katie Berg

Expert Series: Researching Tier 2 Competitors

Every company has tier 1 competitors. Those competitors that pop up in your deals on a very frequent basis. You know them well. You most likely have a good deal of information on them. But what about your tier 2 competitors?

Tier 2 competitors are often more of a challenge for sales teams because there is far less research prepared on these competitors. So, where do you even start your research process? Check out the quick video our Competitive Analyst Nate d’Oliveira made to share his insights on where to begin.



As mentioned in the video, there are 3 types of free tools that you should utilize when beginning your research process on tier 2 competitors. These tools will make your research process more efficient and effective.


User Generated Review Sites:

G2 Crowd


User generated reviews sites can help your team uncover themes, identify strengths, weaknesses, improve your objection handling, and even uncover landmine style intel on your competitors.


Analysis Reports:

Forrester Wave


These reports are great for trusted insights and full product and industry analysis. Services like Garner’s Magic Quadrants can cost a pretty penny, especially when the report is first released, so you may have to settle for an older version to save some cash.


Negative Reviews:


Try using sites like Glassdoor to uncover both sensitive and insightful information on your competitors like leadership issues, HR flaws, and other major red flags. To start, sort reviews by “lowest to highest” to get easy access to 1-star and 2-star reviews.

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If you’ve come this far and you’re still looking for more on battlecards, download our Product Marketers Guide to Creating Battlecards That Win. 

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