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Introducing Klue Win-Loss: The ‘All-in-Won’ Solution for Competitive Enablement and Win-Loss Analysis
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Introducing Klue Win-Loss: The ‘All-in-Won’ Solution for Competitive Enablement and Win-Loss Analysis

Go-to-market teams are relying on guesswork to figure out why they’re winning and losing business.

Reviewing deal notes from reps, and churn reasons from CSMs. Digging through messy, inaccurate CRM data.

At best, you get a vague understanding of what’s happening in deals and with customers.

At worst, you’re bringing the entirely wrong findings — and recommendations — to the table. Relying too much on internal opinions, or pulling shallow insights from research run off the side of someone’s desk.

That’s why we built Klue Win-Loss. 


With Klue Win-Loss, you’ll understand deeper insights behind why you win and lose deals and enable your Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Product, and executive teams with the information they need to win in your market. 

High-quality insights that power every department to compete more effectively  

AI-powered visualization and dashboards → It all starts with in-depth, quality insights from Win-Loss interviews and surveys by expert researchers, analyzed to create:

  • AI-generated summaries of key buyer trends 
  • Summary of top reasons why you win and lose deals
  • At-a-glance buyer themes based on Product, Pricing, Sales & more

And additional AI-capabilities coming soon → 

  • CRM integration for ‘always-on’ Win-Loss intelligence to fuel your Compete content
  • AI-led interviews and automated summarization of transcripts. 
  • Automated analysis of themes/topics, top win and loss reasons, and strengths/weaknesses of your competitors.

Five reasons to take advantage of Klue Win-Loss today:

1. A single source of truth for competitive, market, and now buyer intelligence. Say goodbye to siloed information, overhead, and broken communication. Manage your win-loss program seamlessly in Klue for a holistic view of your buyer, competitive, and market data, all in one place. 

2. It’s easy to get started quickly. Klue Win-Loss requires no additional contract or budget item, no lengthy security review or legal review, and all of your insights can be accessed via a single login. Plus, your Klue team migrates content into the platform so you can get started immediately.

3. Unbiased and comprehensive win-loss feedback. Klue employs highly experienced researchers to conduct interviews, gathering candid insights that in-house win-loss programs often aren’t able to garner on their own.

4. AI-powered efficiency gains for you and your team. Klue provides a workflow to summarize your win-loss insights using AI. High-level data visualizations provide an instant snapshot of key findings across your win-loss and churn research, while deep-dive research reports allow you to double-click to expand on specific insights, all powered by Klue AI. 

5. Enable Your Entire Organization with Actionable Content. Win-loss insights can be easily incorporated into battlecards, newsletters, and reports, and widely distributed to improve decision-making across Sales, Product, Marketing, CS, and the Executive team.

Learn how to transform your go-to-market strategy with Klue Win-Loss today.

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