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Product Updates


Apr 5th 2023

Faster Time-to-Analysis – AI Summarization

2 min

Accelerate your competitive analysis with AI Summarization. This new functionality is the first in a series of Klue features that leverages Generative AI to save time and shorten time-to-insight.


Mar 14th 2023

Klue Slack Integration New Feature: Competitor Quick Find

2 min

Give your reps the answers they need instantly and in the tools they already use. The new Competitor Quick Find in Klue's Slack integration puts lightning quick competitive insights at your reps' fingertips.

Jan 4th 2023

Do Your Job Better (In Less Time) with GenAI

4 min

We're fully embracing the power of GenAI and its potential to make your Compete team more efficient. Here’s a look at our 2023 product releases.

Competitive Enablement

Product Marketing


May 30th 2022

Becoming the Expert: How Triaging Competitive Intel Elevates Your Role

5 min

The real work of your competitive enablement program comes with smart intel curation. Klue's triage mode makes it faster than ever to do.

May 30th 2022

Introducing Triage Mode: Your Fast Track to Competitive Insights

3 min

The daily review process is a critical step on the path to uncovering competitive insights — we wanted to find a way to help you do it faster. Say hello to Triage Mode.

Mar 8th 2022

Introducing Win-Loss Battlecards Powered by Klue and Salesforce

3 min

The best competitive enablement programs are a collaborative effort. It’s not one person’s responsibility to deliver competitive insights.  As a competitive expert, you’re constantly […]

Competitive Enablement

Product Marketing

Mar 4th 2022

The Salesforce and Klue Playbook: Four Ways That Salesforce Can Strengthen How You Compete

7 min

Salesforce integration in Klue for competitive enablement is one of the most powerful tools to help you compete.

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