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Klue Unlocks Buyer Intelligence with the Launch of Klue Win-Loss
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Klue Unlocks Buyer Intelligence with the Launch of Klue Win-Loss


Klue, the leading Competitive Enablement platform, and recent recipient as one of Deloitte’s Fast 50™ and Fast 500™ Technology fastest-growing companies, announces the launch of its newest product, Klue Win-Loss. Bringing buyer intelligence into its ‘All-in-Won’ platform, businesses can now collect, analyze, and distribute win-loss insights throughout their organization, providing actionable knowledge needed to win more against their competition.

Win-loss analysis has always been an essential part of go-to-market strategy, but it has traditionally been a service. After acquiring win-loss leader DoubleCheck Research in January 2022, Klue has now officially productized win-loss analysis, allowing customers to access these insights at scale – creating a single source of truth for market, competitive, and buyer intelligence.

“Every go-to-market leader wants to know, ‘why are winning and losing business, and what do we need to do to win more?’, says Klue Co-Founder and CEO, Jason Smith. “Too often this question is answered with guesswork and anecdotal feedback. By adding intelligence directly from buyers with Klue Win-Loss, our customers now have an unbiased view into how they stack up in the eyes of their buyer and the actions they can take to win more against the competition.”

The new solution captures comprehensive insights from Win-Loss interviews and surveys led by a team of expert researchers, and uses AI to summarize key buyer trends, top reasons won/lost and themes based on product, pricing, sales and more.

The launch of Klue Win-Loss expands upon Klue’s market leadership in the competitive enablement category, as shown with win-loss customers such as Lacework, HubSpot, Shopify, Salesforce, and Seismic who are leading the way in which companies compete today.

“I’ve seen firsthand the power win-loss analysis has on businesses’ ability to improve their go-to-market strategy,” says Ryan Sorley, VP Win-Loss at Klue. “We’re excited to lead the way in win-loss innovation and look forward to every customer having a clearer picture of their market with these insights.”

Learn more about Klue Win-Loss here.

About Klue

Klue is a competitive enablement and win-loss platform. Using Klue, product marketing and competitive intelligence teams collect and analyze intel from across the web, inside their company, and from their buyers to distribute actionable insights across their organization. From sellers needing actionable battlecards, to product management needing competitive and buyer insights, to executive leadership looking to make strategic go-to-market decisions.

Klue has over 200,000 users and is a leader in all Competitive Intelligence, Market Intelligence, Sales Enablement, and Win-Loss categories on G2, receiving over 142 G2 badges in 2023 alone. Klue was named one of Deloitte’s Fast 50™ and Fast 500™ Technology fastest-growing companies in 2021, 2022, and 2023, one of Canada’s top 15 startups by LinkedIn in 2022, and has been included in the Globe & Mail’s Top Growing Companies three years in a row.


“Klue’s All-in-Won platform allows us to integrate primary intel with Compete insights, enabling us to better align with our customers’ purchase journey. This consolidation of high-quality insights in one place allows us to continually develop relevant, actionable content for multiple teams at Lacework. Klue’s commitment to providing current, customer-centric insights helps us support our customers and win more deals.” – Kim Bauer, Director of Competitive Intelligence, Lacework

“Compared to other tools, Klue integrates buyer insights with our current Compete findings, providing validation and confidence to our Revenue teams in competitive deals. In the competitive SaaS landscape, this is critical.” – Kim Bauer, Director of Competitive Intelligence, Lacework

For further information: For Media Inquiries: Katie Berg, VP of Marketing, katie@klue.com

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