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Reporting Saves (Work) Lives, New Newsletter Page, PMM Masterclass

📊 Reporting Saves (Work) Lives📊

competitive enablement success

If you’re not providing value, you’re just taking up space. 

Compete experts know that their Competitive Enablement programs are providing value — but measuring it is a challenge. 

Through the Competitive Enablement Show, we’ve talked to a ton of the best in the biz about the competitive strategies that make them successful. 

The two most common (and important) traits of a successful Competitive Enablement Program:

  • Starting with sales first
  • Establishing metrics and KPIs
  • Reporting on those KPIs

But don’t take it from the author of this newsletter, hear for yourself how Slack’s Clara Smyth and Klue’s Brandon Bedford success-ify their compete programs. 

Watch and listen to our latest edition of the Competitive Enablement Show LIVE to check out how Clara and Brandon do it. 

Beyond Clara and Brandon, you’ll be treated to special guest appearances from Veeam Software’s Pierre HillerCulture Amp’s Zaven Gabriel, and Airtable’s Alex McDonnell.

Needless to say, the Competitive Enablement community showed up STRONG for this live event. 

And we hope to see you at the next one!

🗞 Breaking News: A New Newsletter Page 🗞


(Editors Note: This section references the newsletter page you’re already on. Very meta, slightly confusing. It is what it is)
Making it this far in this week’s newsletter is a tacit indicator of your enjoyment of said newsletter. 

And unless that last sentence has put you off forever, you’re going to love checking out past editions of Coffee & Compete as well. 

We (and by we I mean our awesome web dev team) put them together on our website in one convenient location

As an added bonus, we’ve embedded our promotional video at the top — starring yours truly — so you can see and hear what I look like.

I guess it’s a matter of opinion whether or not that’s a bonus. But it’s there anyway, and it’s less than a minute long. 

At any rate, I want to thank you for subscribing to Coffee & Compete and letting me ramble on each and every Sunday morning.

👬 Coffee & Compete Community Corner 👭

Favourite B2B podcast? Easy — the Competitive Enablement Show.  
A close second though is The Marchitect, produced by our friends at the Product Marketing Community.  
And in this week’s Coffee & Compete Community Corner, I wanted to shout out a recent episode that was an absolute master course in product marketing.  
Between Highspot’s Jarod Greene (whose LinkedIn post I kindly borrowed), Klue’s Sr. Director of Product Marketing Jason Oakley, Gong’s Julien Sauvage and 6sense’s Jam Khan, some serious knowledge gets dropped in this episode.  
Check out this episode and more Marchitect magic here. You don’t want to miss it. 

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of Coffee & Compete. As always, please reach out to me and the rest of the team with your thoughts and feedback. 

And If you know someone who isn’t already subscribed to Coffee & Compete, be a good friend and tell them about us.

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