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Klue Acquires DoubleCheck Research | Win-Loss Resources | Sage Wisdom from Pat Wall

How many synonyms of “big” can I use to describe how gigantically momentous this massively important week was for Klue? 

(Four I guess…not bad, not bad.) 

In case you missed it, we announced our acquisition of DoubleCheck Research. 

Buyer intelligence meets competitive and market intelligence meets sales enablement. 

It’s the complete compete package — the All-in-Won Platform.

To dive deeper into what this acquisition means for our customers and the compete community, check out this blog authored by none other than Klue CEO Jason Smith. 

And since we’re in a win-loss kind of mood, today’s edition of ☕️ Coffee & Compete 🤜🤛 features six different resources to help get you in the mood too. 

From getting started to getting going and diving deep, there’s a win-loss resource or two for everybody.

Happy reading,

Ben ✅ ✅

klue acquisition announcement

⚒️ Resources for getting started ⚒️

Win-Loss Analysis: From Interviews to Insights


  • We made a commitment as a content team to stop titling our hub pages “Topic X 101″…but that’s what this article is. 

Why it matters

  • A comprehensive starter’s guide for anyone looking to understand the basics of win-loss analysis — with links to other articles and resources to deepen your learning. 

Seven Components of a Successful Win-Loss Program


  • Seven best practices you need to know to set your win-loss program up for success.   

Why it matters:

  • We won’t lie to you — standing up a win-loss program is a serious undertaking. So much of your success will be determined by preparation. And that’s what this article emphasizes.

🚀 Resources for getting going 🚀

Nine Steps to a Successful Win-Loss Program


Why it matters

  • Once you’ve got a handle on the basics, you can start taking steps towards laying the foundation of your win-loss program. Ryan and his team know better than anyone what it takes to do it — and these nine steps put it into perspective. 

Your guide to conducting win-loss interviews 


  • Expert tips, an easy-to-understand interview framework, and more than 50 win-loss interview questions you can start asking today. 

Why it matters

  • The crux of your win-loss program lies in your ability to extract the most valuable insights from your interviews. This downloadable resource gives you the tools you need to get it done. 

🤿 Resources for going deep 🤿

Distributing Win-Loss Insights Across the Entire Business


  • DoubleCheck’s Ryan Sorley, Forrester’s Derek O’Grady, and Seismic’s Valerie Bonaldo join Klue’s Brandon Bedford in this session from the inaugural Winner’s Circle event.

Why it matters

  • Three pros going deep on the value win-loss insights can bring to the business — from three different vantage points. 

Working win-loss insights into your compete program 


  • Klue’s Competitive Enablement Manager Brandon Bedford shares his best advice for consolidating win-loss data from different providers into your compete program.

Why it matters

  • We would love for everyone to decide that Klue + DoubleCheck is the best solution for tackling win-loss and compete. But what we care about above all is your leveraging win-loss insights. no matter the provider. This article shows you how to do it. 

👭Coffee & Compete Community Corner 👬

Speaking of experts…you’ll be hearing from Imperva’s Pat Wall on the Competitive Enablement Show next month.  

Until then, please enjoy this little piece of sage wisdom from the man himself in today’s Community Corner. 
Pat Wall Jan 20
Thanks for reading this week’s edition of Coffee & Compete. As always, please reach out to me and the rest of the team with your thoughts and feedback. 

And If you know someone who isn’t already subscribed to Coffee & Compete, be a good friend and tell them about us.
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