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Unravelling Twitters and Threads | Enabling CSMs with Compete Content | Simple Messaging

I strongly believe there should be less social media and not more. I also resist buying into fads at all costs. 

I betrayed both instincts this week when I quickly joined Threads, Meta’s newly released rival to Twitter. 

Is Threads here to stay? Or will it crash and burn like Clubhouse? 

We’ll take a look at Threads’ entrance onto the social media stage in today’s edition of  ☕️ Coffee & Compete 🤜🤛

Plus, Tracy Berry breaks down how to tailor compete content to CSMs and the C-suite. 

And Kajabi’s VP of Product Marketing breaks down her three-step plan for keeping messaging simple. 

Away we go,

Ben ✌️

🧵 Unspooling Threads vs Twitter 🧵

twitter and threads

Initially I didn’t believe the people claiming Twitter had gotten “way worse” under Elon. 

The problem — or at least one of them — with high-profile CEOs and founders is they attract both unwarranted love and hate. 

Eventually though, I started to see it for myself. Or I should say, I started to feel it for myself.

All of a sudden my Facebook feed (previously a raging hot dumpster fire of dumb takes and offensive memes) was MORE enjoyable to scroll through than Twitter. 

This change was one of the main reasons I quickly downloaded Threads, Meta’s near facsimile of Twitter. 

So will Threads have the staying power to cripple Twitter?

Or will its incredible bang in downloads end in a Clubhouse-like whimper?


A meta-advantage

Microsoft Teams had 270 million daily active users in 2022. Its rival Slack has less than 10 percent of that (25.7 million). 

Can we attribute this gap in users to Teams being a better product?

Definitely not. It’s much better explained by the fact there are 345 million users of Microsoft’s 365 suite, of which Teams is a part. 

Threads benefits from a similar advantage. Odds are you have at least one of Meta’s three major apps: Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

You’re already in the ecosystem, making you a lot more likely to check out a new habitat within that ecosystem. 

But will it be boring? 

For all the things lacking in my Twitter feed, a diversity of opinions is not one of them.

At times, this makes Twitter uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you’re not exposed to different opinions, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. 

If the ethos of Threads turns into a watered-down, sunshine-and-rainbows version of Twitter, it will never replace Twitter.

(Check out two takes on the risk of being boring from two well-informed individuals below 👇)


Twitter is still the place where reporters break news, politicians release statements, and commentators share their opinions. 

Whether you like it or not, that makes Twitter a super powerful and important platform that can never be accused of being boring.  

Substance over sizzle  

Less than a week into its existence and Threads is, unsurprisingly, still figuring out what it is. So far for me personally, it’s been basically Instagram with words. 

There might be an audience for a platform like that. But when predicting the future of Twitter and Threads, one thing is for sure: the better product will win out.

The substance of the platform will outlast the sizzle of a huge launch. 

And who says there needs to be ONE winner? The two platforms might very well live happily side-by-side.

With Twitter remaining the go-to place for news and sports lovers and Threads becoming some kind of friendly chatroom with a Pinterest vibe. 

The unprecedented early growth in Threads cannot be ignored.

But reports of Twitter’s death are greatly exaggerated.

🤝 Enabling CSMs with Compete Content 🤝

In competitive deals, feature-function standoffs should be avoided like the plague.

Competitive renewals with customers are a different beast though. Your customers have spent months working with your solution and have benefited from it…we hope. 

But even the best product and services are not flawless, and you need to enable your CSMs with answers to the more detailed questions your customers are going to have around renewal time. 

That’s why Tracy Berry dives deeper into the particular objections her CSMs have to face — and tailors her compete content accordingly.

“Do your diligence to understand what they’re experiencing when it comes to objection handling or quick dismisses and tailor compete content towards their needs.”

The compete team at Freshworks is not alone in focusing on customer success as primary audience for enablement. 

When we surveyed 300+ revenue leaders for our When the Pie Shrinks report, we discovered that CS is quickly becoming the second-most enabled department after sales. 

If you’re not enabling your CS teams with competitive intel, you should start today.

And you can hear more about Tracy does it on this week’s episode of the Competitive Enablement Show. 

👭Coffee & Compete Community Corner 👬

Kajabi’s VP of Product Marketing (and recent visitor to Klue HQ) Tamara Grominsky knows what’s up. 

Less is more and brevity is the better part of wit when it comes to messaging. 

So in today’s installment of the 👬Community Corner 👭, we’re featuring Tamara’s three-step plan to get you there. 


Thanks for reading this week’s edition of Coffee & Compete. As always, please reach out to me and the rest of the team with your thoughts and feedback. 

And If you know someone who isn’t already subscribed to Coffee & Compete, be a good friend and tell them about us.
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