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How to Incorporate Klue Win-Loss Insights Into Your Compete Content Using AI
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How to Incorporate Klue Win-Loss Insights Into Your Compete Content Using AI

If you didn’t hear, we recently launched Klue Win-Loss (we tend to be loud about these things).

And one big question we set out to answer: how do you get win-loss insights into your competitive content, such as your battlecards?

As the person at Klue using Klue — meta, I know — allow me to share a peek into my day-in-the-life and show how you can do exactly this.

Today, I’ll walk you through how to:

  • Identify your important win-loss themes
  • Summarize those insights across all of your relevant interviews, and then 
  • Create competitive content with those insights instantly

(Prefer to take Klue Win-Loss for a spin yourself? Check out the Navattic tour below, or get in touch with someone on our team.)

Identify key themes across your win-loss interviews

One of the benefits of working with a Win-Loss partner like Klue, is that your dedicated research team will be proactively tagging and organizing the most important insights across your interviews.

To start, all of your Win-Loss and Churn Analysis insights will live in the Klue platform for easy access, analysis and distribution.

From the main dashboard, you can easily navigate to your specific win reasons and loss reasons.


Want to dig even deeper? Go to the Themes page to slice and dice your insights with more detail, such as:

  • Separate win-loss and churn trends
  • Positive and negative sentiment
  • Competitors mentioned and lost to
  • Segment, region, and product

Distilling detailed insights into actionable summaries

Let’s say that a particular theme catches your attention.

Themes indicate that this topic has been identified across a number of interviews already. By clicking into the Theme, you’ll be able to see all Win-Loss interviews where this theme surfaced, along with the source interview.

You read through the interview snippets and confirm that this is definitely an insight worth sharing with the organization.

But there’s a lot of information here!

The first step to share this out with your organization, is to summarize it.


Using Klue AI, you’re able to summarize all mentions of that particular theme across your win-loss program with the click of a button.

Now, it’s time to share.

Incorporating win-loss insights into compete content

Last but not least, it’s time to create content.

Using this new AI-generated summary, you can now Create a Card.


Select which Board and Lane you want to create this content in, and click “Create Card’.

And voila! You’ve now created new compete content that is ready to be shared in a sales battlecard, an executive dashboard, or a product management dashboard.

This is just one example of the workflow for creating content from your Win-Loss insights.

You can also create content from specific interview snippets, as well as the Featured Highlights section on the home page. 

If you have any questions, reach out to your Klue CSM or Account Executive and we’d be happy to assist you.

Happy Competing!

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