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No More ‘Closed Lost’ to the Competition: What to Expect at Compete Week 2023
Competitive Enablement

No More ‘Closed Lost’ to the Competition: What to Expect at Compete Week 2023

Closed lost hurts no matter what. Throw in the fact that there are more companies fighting harder than ever over fewer deals, and closed lost is devastating. 

Compete Week 2023 is devoted to one thing: giving GTM leaders and compete pros the tools and tactics they need to create a competitive advantage before, during and after the deal closes. 

Here’s what you can expect.

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Three-track programming customized to your function

Revenue leaders (Day 1) 

Today’s sales, marketing and customer success teams need to be focused on winning — and retaining — more business.

And the leaders of those functions need to be more dialled in than ever to that end. 

Here are just a few of the Compete Week 2023 sessions for revenue leaders 

  • Why the ‘old school’ revenue leader is headed for extinction (Mark Kosoglow, CRO @ Catalyst Software)
  • How the C-Suite Uses Win-Loss Analysis to Improve Revenue Outcomes (Ryan Sorley, VP Win-Loss at Klue)
  • Maintaining Efficiency in Competitive Markets (Kevin McKeown, CRO @ Beekeeper &
  • Scott Barmmer, CRO @ Reputation)
  • Three Competitive Selling Tactics Your Reps Need to Close (Nick Cegelski, Founder @ 30MPC & Qayam Noorani, Sr. Commercial AE @ Klue)

Compete pros (Day 1 & 2)

For those revenue leaders to meet their goals, they’re going to need an army of specialized talent whose entire purpose is to beat the competition. 

Competitive enablement is more mission-critical than ever, and we’ve got some of the best in the business sharing their secrets

Here’s what top Compete pros will be sharing at Compete Week 2023

  • Think Like a Rep: How Hubspot Builds Battlecards to Support Every Stage of the Deal (Jessica Davis, CI Manager @ HubSpot)
  • Forter’s Data-Driven Approach to Closing the Competitive Revenue Gap (Darren Smolen, Sr. Product Marketing Manager @ Forter)
  • Putting Intel into Action: Enabling Reps with Winning Competitive Insights (Kimberly Bauer, Director of Competitive Intelligence @ Lacework)

Marketing leaders (Day 2)

Market landscapes are crowded. And all you hear are the same old companies parroting the same old positioning in the market. 

That’s why we’re bringing in the top CMO and marketing leaders to share the strategies, frameworks and playbooks they’re using to stand out in a crowded field and build a lasting competitive advantage. 

Here’s what these CMOs will be diving into at Compete Week 2023

  • The role of Competitive Enablement in the CMO portfolio (Carin Van Vuuren, CMO at Greenhouse Software, Meagan Eisenberg, CMO at Lacework)
  • Keeping the C-Suite on top of the Competitive Landscape (Jarod Greene, CMO at Vivun)
  • Using Competitive Strategy to Generate Pipeline (Will Davis, CMO at CData)
  • The Competition for Brand Supremacy (Sydney Sloan, CMO at Drata & Katie Berg, VP Marketing at Klue)

Save Your Seat and See the FULL Lineup

Come join thousands of your peers and check out this all-star lineup of speakers from companies like ClickUp, HubSpot, Lacework, Palo Alto Networks and more. 

It’s the biggest week of everything compete. And you won’t want to miss it. 

Save your seat and check out the FULL list of programming and speakers.

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