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Introducing Klue’s AI-Generated Strengths and Weaknesses: Unlocking Deep Insights from Online Reviews
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Introducing Klue’s AI-Generated Strengths and Weaknesses: Unlocking Deep Insights from Online Reviews

The way that competitive intelligence teams leverage competitor reviews today is a time-consuming, manual slog.

Not anymore.

Introducing Klue’s AI-generated Strengths and Weaknesses, the latest in our AI suite designed to help competitive enablement teams stay on top of their landscape without breaking a sweat.

Now you can view your competitors’ Strengths and Weaknesses in 30 seconds, not 30 hours.

AI-Generated Strengths and Weaknesses

This unique functionality uses AI to read through all of your competitor’s reviews across multiple sources, including G2, Capterra, TrustRadius, Gartner Peer Insights, Peerspot, Product Hunt, Software Advice, TrustPilot, and more. 

Then, Klue instantly captures the key themes and categorizes them into… you guessed it: Strengths and Weaknesses.

Unlike any other competitive intelligence platform today, Klue’s AI-generated Strengths and Weaknesses help you quickly understand why you might be winning or losing business to a competitor. This knowledge is the starting point for your competitive battlecards.


The new feature not only saves you time, but also unlocks deep insights that simply wouldn’t be feasible through manual effort.

… But what about ChatGPT?

Wait, couldn’t you just copy and paste these reviews into ChatGPT or Bard and ask them for Strengths and Weaknesses? 

You could. 

But you’d be barely more efficient than sifting through every single review yourself.

Public LLMs are not purpose-built for competitive intelligence or enablement. Most of these tools will not be able to read through the entire corpus of hundreds of reviews.

The limitations of ChatGPT in reviewing your competitors' strengths and weaknesses

Instead, you’ll have to manually copy-and-paste individual reviews into ChatGPT / Bard. And you’ll only get insights from the reviews that you manually input. 

Hardly making you more efficient at all.

Save time while you stay ahead of the competition 

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Klue has been leading innovation in the competitive enablement space for years – Review Insights and AI-Generated Strengths and Weaknesses joins a long list of AI-based functionality that Klue customers have been enjoying for years, such as:

  • Alerts Summarization – Accelerate competitive analysis with AI-powered article summaries, adjustable my length and format
  • Recommended Alerts – Klue learns what topics, competitors, and content types you care about to provide you with the most personalized, relevant intel first
  • Noise Reduction – Klue filters out 90% of the noise, and then automatically tags and categorizes the remaining 10% of intel.
How Klue's AI powered competitive intelligence helps Lisa Taylor understand her competitors' strengths and weaknesses more efficiently.

Check out all of Klue’s AI functionality here, or read more about Klue’s vision for AI in competitive enablement, directly from our CEO Jason Smith, and our VP of Product, Tamara Schebel.

The next time you find yourself scratching your head trying to create a new competitor battlecard, remember: Klue’s AI-Generated Strengths and Weaknesses is here to give you a head start. 

Klue AI for competitive intelligence

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