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What You Need to Know about Klue & AI

What You Need to Know about Klue & AI

We are entering a new era of platform disruption. Artificial intelligence (AI) is being incorporated into every business’s roadmap. 

ChatGPT entered the chat in late 2022 and has flipped industries on their heads.

Today, we’re going to share the ripple effects we’re seeing these advances have on Compete and product marketing, as well as our vision of how winning Compete pros can work with Klue AI now and in the future.

Watch all sessions from “How to Compete in the Age of AI” hosted by the Compete Network on-demand here.

AI is overhauling the competitive landscape

At Klue, we’re seeing three major impacts AI is having on the market and with our customers:

1. Rapid innovation and change

First, and most obviously, is rapid innovation.

Product roadmaps are being overhauled. Some businesses are accelerating, others are pivoting—some becoming obsolete.

What does this mean for us in the Compete profession?

New startups are able to stand up in a fraction of the time, building on top of large language models (LLMs) and providing value right out of the gate.

Many of our customers in the cybersecurity space joke about a new competitor popping up every night when their head hits the pillow. Now this is true for every industry and every sector.

What we once knew about our legacy competitors can change entirely overnight.

There has never been a more critical time to have a Compete team inside your business tracking new entrants and monitoring drastic changes to those familiar faces.

2. The lines of ‘traditional’ categories are being blurred

AI and rapid innovation also complicate who we’re competing with.

Those Magic quadrants and Wave reports struggle to keep up and capture exactly who is serving what, and to who

For instance, Gong was friends with Outreach and Salesloft, championing their Revenue Intelligence category. They are now direct competitors overnight with the launch of their prospecting AI tool. 

Microsoft is entering Canva’s design space. ClickUp into Miro’s.

We need to be looking at our partners and neighbouring categories nearly as much as our own. 

They might present the biggest threats to our business.

3. People working and accessing information differently

Beyond what is happening across the business landscape, AI is shifting individual behaviour. 

Expectations have changed. Speed matters most. People expect more personalized response to their questions in a very short time frame.

People want fast answers. They want it contextualized to their needs and delivered exactly when they need it for the deals they’re working on, the strategies they’re building, and the marketing campaigns they’re designing.

For us in Compete, providing trusted, contextualized competitive insights in a way that’s easy to consume quickly is more important than ever before. 

Klue AI: the co-pilot for winning Compete pros

With the above factors in mind, here are four of the most critical ways that Klue AI helps you — the Compete pro — today and tomorrow. 

How AI is woven into Klue's product

1. Signal identification and contextualization 

The most tedious and time-consuming part of competitive enablement is research. 

Sifting through thousands of articles, refreshing your competitors’ websites and reviews daily, and trying to understand what actually matters.

Cutting through it all has been core to Klue’s AI model since its inception. We’re reviewing three million data points a day and boiling them down to the relevant bits that matter to you and your business, all while learning from the behaviour of our users.

One of the latest accelerants to this has been our AI summarization. This feature instantly summarizes competitor articles — whether it’s an acquisition, product release, or news — giving you more time to contextualize the information and share it with your teams.

2. Reduce time to analysis

If you’re familiar with Klue, then you’ve likely heard us say these three words when it comes to competitive analysis:

Why. It. Matters.

One area where AI and automation shine and humans struggle is in exactly this. Analyzing and summarizing large bodies of unstructured data, to help us get to the ‘why it matters’ quickly. 

Imagine reading through thousands of online reviews trying and understand what your competitor’s customers are actually saying. 

The latest in our Klue AI suite, Review Insights, has been released. This lets you analyze thousands of competitor reviews, all with just a click of a button. 

We are the only platform in the market that can provide these insights, allowing you to reduce your time-to-analysis and spend more time putting these insights into action.

Our next AI-driven insights will come from win-loss interviews and sales call transcripts — all with the goal of giving you the answers you need to win. 

Join our waitlist for access to Klue’s Review Insights beta here.

3. AI recommendations

Nobody likes starting their work from a blank canvas.

At Klue, we see a world where Compete pros are massaging work that is AI-suggested rather than having to start from scratch yourself. 

AI will identify possible competitive strengths or weaknesses across multiple data sources, proposing new content, or even updates to existing content.

In the coming weeks, Klue AI will begin suggesting content to help teams understand why specific event matters and aid in the creation of weekly event summaries to keep teams informed. 

These advancements are all intended to make it faster for you to get new information into the hands of the people who need it. 

4. Contextualized content that wins deals

Finally, having validated, trusted, accurate content in Klue allows us to build a variety of AI-assisted access points that enable all of your users with the content that they need.

This will answer competitor-related questions directly or allow you to provide sellers with just the summarized content that they need for a given deal. 

Klue’s Compete AI: the answers you need to win

How businesses incorporate and work with AI will determine the winners and losers of this era. 

At Klue, we believe that a combination of four key data sources that comprise our Compete AI will give our customers an unfair advantage over the competition. 

This is true today and will accelerate in the future.

1. Public data

LLMs are only going to improve in how they bring public web data together. However, it doesn’t do a great job of noticing the small details of changes that happen.

For example, a pricing change on a competitor’s website.

Klue will continue to query those things and aggregate public data to provide out-of-the-box answers that are a solid starting foundation for you.

This is only tablestakes.

2. Licenced data

More and more businesses are going to hold their data sacred and license it back out.

At Klue, we’re continuing to expand the licensed sources we bring in. More importantly, we’re expanding how we utilize these sources to give you the answers you need to win. Things like:

3. Enterprise data

We know that some of the best competitive intel lies within the four virtual walls of your business.

In the future, Klue will layer these data into the Compete pro’s personal Compete API. Something that only you get to leverage. Things like:

4. Generated data

The last one is generated, proprietary sources unique to Klue. 

With the acquisition of DoubleCheck Research, we’re focused on generating proprietary win-loss data for our customers. This is the most critical source of intel to help Compete pros and their revenue teams win more.

Beat your competition with Klue AI

The proliferation of products and use cases since ChatGPT fell into our laps in November 2022 is like nothing I’ve seen before in my career.

We’re only scratching the surface of what’s possible. 

Since our first machine-learning hire nearly a decade ago (shout out to Bjorn), AI is at the heart of what makes Klue, well Klue. We’ll continue to lead with AI advancement to provide our customers with the answers they need to win more.

If you want to be the first person in the loop for our next AI release, join our waitlist here.

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