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Klue Introduces First-Ever Productivity Workflow for Competitive Enablement

Klue Introduces First-Ever Productivity Workflow for Competitive Enablement

Triage Mode is saving Klue customers hours of intel review each week, giving them more time to focus on enabling their organization with competitive insights. 

Vancouver, June 1, 2022 – Klue today announced a major update to its Alerts functionality, including Triage Mode, the first workflow tool for streamlining intel review and prioritization. 

These new capabilities allow customers to simplify the daily process of reviewing new competitive alerts, giving them more time to focus on enabling stakeholders within their company. This new functionality is now available on all tiers.

Learn more at https://klue.com/blog/introducing-triage-mode 

Klue Alerts & Triage Mode

For several years, product marketing and CI teams have used Klue to aggregate competitive intel across millions of data sources and enable their company with actionable competitive insights

Klue invested early in artificial intelligence and machine learning to filter out 87% of the information it collects and provide competitive teams with only relevant intel. But even the best algorithm cannot replace an expert’s ability to identify what’s important, urgent, and worth taking action on.

“One of the most common goals we hear from PMMs and CE managers building out their program is that they want to be seen as the expert within their organization. Combining raw competitive intel with an organization’s unique characteristics is not only what makes intel actionable, but also what makes their role so powerful. It’s in doing this curation work that they become the expert and keep their finger squarely on the pulse of the market. It’s our job at Klue to make that as efficient as possible.”
Jason Smith, CEO @ Klue

For Klue customers, the important job of reviewing relevant competitive intel is not something that can be farmed out to an external analyst. Staying on top of the market is a critical part of their job.

That sparked the need for Triage Mode, the fastest way to review and prioritize competitive intel in minutes each day, making it a quick, repeatable task. 

“When we set out to rebuild our Alerts functionality, we spoke with countless customers to better understand their daily/weekly process around intel review. From those conversations we realized there was a huge opportunity to simplify that process and build it right inside the platform, giving our customers back hours in their week.”
Tamara Schebel, VP Product @ Klue

Triage Mode pulls inspiration from the productivity workflows many of its customers were already trying to hack on their own. Building them into the platform made reviewing intel significantly faster, allowing customers to spend more time on analysis, adding context, and enabling stakeholders within their business.

With today’s news, this new functionality is available to all Klue customers, providing a simple way to process new daily intel and allocate more time to driving impact within their organization.

Customer Comments

“Klue Triage Mode simplifies my workflow and saves me a ton of time creating and sharing competitive intel across my company. I can better focus on what matters most – adding context to the intel, dismissing what’s irrelevant, and quickly distributing the right insights to the teams who need to know.”

– Mitch Comstock, Senior Product Marketing Manager @ LeadIQ

“For me, it’s all about time. Klue’s new Triage Mode allows me to get through news alerts quickly, knowing that I’ve still looked through everything. It lets me move on to the business of why we’re here – the analysis of key insights and how that shifts our competitive positioning.”

Brad Lawless, Sr Director of Product Marketing, Movista

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