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Klue Slack Integration New Feature: Competitor Quick Find
Product Updates

Klue Slack Integration New Feature: Competitor Quick Find

Picture this — an account executive is on a demo and realizes their deal is competitive. They need objection handling notes and key differentiators at their fingertips. They don’t have time to go searching for it.

With the latest addition to the Klue Slack Integration, they don’t have to.

It’s called Competitor Quick Find and it’s not only going to save you time responding to questions, it’s going to remove them altogether by making it easy for reps to find answers themselves without leaving Slack.

Give it a try 👇

A huge part of competitive enablement is bringing answers to the tools people already use, like Slack. If your company runs on Slack, you’re probably not surprised to hear that employees are spending roughly 9 hours each day in the platform.

If they have questions about a competitor, they aren’t going to jump to a different tool to find answers. They’ll just ask you, which adds to the dozens of other requests you’re already getting in Slack, making it impossible to get any other work done. Or worse, they wing it and quote some false information that loses trust and ultimately the deal.

But what if there was a way to provide your stakeholders with just-in-time competitive insights directly in Slack?

Now, when they need to know something about a competitor, they just use the /klue command to quickly find the related content in Klue.

klue's slack integration has an instant competitive insights function. This is an image showing what it looks like.
  • Responding to an email and need the latest objection handling technique? /Klue
  • Hopping on a pricing call and need the latest competitor pricing? /Klue
  • Preparing for a demo and need the latest “Why we win” messaging? /Klue

Bam, in seconds they have the answers they need.

And for reps that need that extra nudge, you can now quickly respond in channels and threads (using @Klue) and respond with the exact Klue Card they need.

klue's slack integration can quickly pull up information about competitors like in this image where one colleague is asking for information about stripe.

It not only makes it easier for you to respond without leaving Slack, but reinforces Klue and reminds reps how to find the answers themselves. After all, we’re teaching people to fish here.

If you’re a Klue customer, click here to grab a launch kit we created to help you enable your team to use our Slack integration.

If you’re not a Klue customer, click here to learn more and book a demo!

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