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Jason Smith on B2B Revenue Leaders | Winning as Women Season 2 Premiere

We celebrated AI Day at Klue this week. 

We cleared our calendars and dove into the myriad AI tools out there to learn how to level up our roles. 

Of course, Klue’s already been unlocking the power of AI.

You can check out more about our vision for Klue’s AI-fuelled future here.

And in today’s edition of ☕ Coffee & Compete 🤜🤛 …

  • 💰Klue CEO Jason Smith on closing the Competitive Revenue Gap 
  • 🎙️The Season 2 Premiere of Winning as Women with Jody Geiger
  • 🐶 And why sales enablement is a lot like puppy training 

Away we go,

Ben ✌️

🎙️ B2B Revenue Leaders feat. Jason Smith🎙️

Nuclear war. Spiders. Ghosts. Madonna. 

None of these are as scary as this stat from our When the Pie Shrinks Report 👇

🚨 Only 30 percent of revenue leaders are confident in their reps’ ability to effectively differentiate 🚨

And if revenue leaders aren’t confident in their reps’ differentiation, good luck convincing a prospect. 

Worse yet, your competitor’s reps are enabled with the right intel to differentiate.

So they’ll go right ahead and deposition you. You’ll lose the deal. And that revenue that would otherwise end up in your pockets ends up in theirs. 

This, my friends, is the scary story of your Competitive Revenue Gap. 

Our commander in chief Jason Smith was a guest on B2B Revenue Leaders with Dustin Tysick talking about everything from why your CRG is a huge problem, and how to close the gap. 


💰Quantify your Competitive Revenue Gap with our CRG Calculator 💰

And dive deeper into what you can do to close the gap on our blog

💪 Looking at win-rates by deal cycle stage 💪

Loopio’s Senior Director of Revenue Enablement Steph White looks at overall win rates. 

Deal velocity is another important metric she keeps an eye on for her team. 

But when budgets shrink and deals become more competitive, she says you need to be looking deeper into the data. 

That’s why Steph looks at win-rates by stage in the deal cycle. She then takes that intel and compares it against data from six months ago. 

“I want to figure out what’s changed with our customers’ buying journey. By focusing in on those elements, it allows us to get a lot more tactical and strategic with how we’re enabling our sellers.”

Of course revenue enablement isn’t just about the numbers that make up the bottom line. You need to enable PEOPLE to get there. 

Steph talks about how to strike that balance — and a whole lot more — on the Season 2 Premiere of Winning as Women with host Jody Geiger. 

👭Coffee & Compete Community Corner 👬

Today’s installment of the 👬Community Corner 👭 features one of our favourite compete pros, Imperva’s Pat Wall. 

A must-follow account on LinkedIn, Pat was also the most recent guest on the Competitive Enablement Show

Give the episode a listen to find out why Pat loves puppies and sales — and what they both have in common. 


Thanks for reading this week’s edition of Coffee & Compete. As always, please reach out to me and the rest of the team with your thoughts and feedback. 

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