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Four questions revenue leaders have on their mind today (and the one answer to all four)

If end of quarter made you feel like this guy who got absolutely smoked by a security guard while proposing at a Los Angeles Dodgers game, we’ll help get your next quarter off to a better start today. 

For revenue teams, Q2 is going to be all about tipping winnable deals in your favour, i.e. closing the competitive revenue gap.

(Check out Jason Smith’s LinkedIn article on what it takes to do just that here.) 

So in today’s installment of  Coffee & Compete 🤜🤛 we’re going to share a couple resources for you to take Competitive Enablement to the next level in Q2 and beyond!

Here’s what we’re serving up:

  • 💻 A Free Downloadable CE Executive Summary Template 
  • 📈 Tips from experts who’ve worked with literally hundreds of compete programs
  • 😎 A look at the “modern buyer” and how to understand them.

Play ball!

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👩💼 Four Things Revenue Leaders Care About Today 👨💼

competitive revenue gap

📈 How do I increase my team’s win-rate without massively increasing costs? 📈

💰 How do I get more of my reps at or above quota? 💰

➕ How do I prove the ROI of my efforts in the short term? ➕

👫 How do I get organizational alignment on our competitive strategy? 👫

These are the four biggest questions Reputation’s Chief Revenue Officer Scott Barmer, and revenue leaders around the world, are asking themselves in 2023. 

The short answer to each of these questions is Competitive Enablement. That’s because…

  • Reps enabled with competitive intel tip more winnable deals you’re already competing for without having to make costly changes to pricing, slow-moving product updates, or hiring more reps. 
  • Enabled reps close more deals, more quickly, and at a higher ACV — freeing them up to be in more deals and hit their quota. 
  • Competitive enablement KPIs and Metrics can prove the value of your program by connecting the dots between successful reps who leverage compete content, and those that don’t.
  • Having a centralized location for fresh, validated and powerful competitive intel improves visibility into, and alignment of, your competitive strategy across the entire organization. 

So how can you show your revenue leaders that you’re listening to their concerns, working to solve them, and then prove it all beyond a reasonable doubt? 

With our new Competitive Enablement Executive Summary Template.

We’ll walk you through how to:

  1. Understand what matters to your revenue leaders today
  2. Calculate your Competitive Revenue Gap
  3. Present your action plan to the executive team

Mind the (competitive revenue) gap. It’s time to close it. 

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💪 CSMs On What the Best CE Programs Have in Common 💪

klue customer success

They’ve worked with literally hundreds of compete programs.

At the enterprise, at startups, SMEs, Customer Success Managers Sophie Baker and Honanmi Nawamura have seen it all. 

They turned out to be excellent podcast guests as well! 

Honami and Sophie joined the Competitive Enablement Show this week to share their advice for compete programs looking to increase adoption.

Running a competitive confidence survey is a good place to start. And for one compete program Honami worked with in the past, it was a good place for a restart too. 

Staff turnover, low engagement by reps, weak buy-in from the execs — this company’s competitive enablement program was at a critical juncture. Then…

“We ran a competitive confidence survey and it really helped us to identify key themes of the type of content folks needed where we didn’t have it yet. Over the course of six months, they were able to double their adoption rate.”

A Competitive Confidence Survey is just one of the arrows in your competitive quiver. 

Add a few more arrows to your arsenal by listening, watching or reading the latest episode of the Competitive Enablement Show.

👭Coffee & Compete Community Corner 👬

Eric Holland is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at CureMint. He’s a friend of the Compete Network, an avid reader of this newsletter, a must-follow on LinkedIn and an overall good guy. 

Eric’s got his finger on the pulse of today’s “Modern Buyer” — he knows what they need to see and hear, and how they want to see and hear it. 

So not only am I very happy to be featuring Mr. Holland in today’s Coffee & Compete Community Corner, I am thrilled to announce he will be one of the guest’s on next month’s Competitive Enablement Show LIVE. 

Check out Eric’s post below, follow him on LinkedIn and save your spot for next month’s CE LIVE here


Thanks for reading this week’s edition of Coffee & Compete. As always, please reach out to me and the rest of the team with your thoughts and feedback. 

And If you know someone who isn’t already subscribed to Coffee & Compete, be a good friend and tell them about us.
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