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The Comparison Page Edition | Compete Week 2022

💡Three Things You Need to Know About Comparison Pages💡


1️⃣ Prioritize differentiation and messaging over SEO optimization

Yes, yes, SEO is super important when it comes to comparison pages. 

Prospects are doing their diligence by comparing you against your competitors. And they’re likely using a “you versus them” or “you alternatives” search query. 

Capturing that intent with comparison pages is table stakes.

But you’ll lose the hand if you don’t use the real estate above the fold to start landing your messaging. 

Such is the error committed by our first example below 👇

Exhibit A: Chromecast vs. Airtame from episode 1


What does this above-the-fold section tell you about how Airtame is different from Chromecast?

Literally nothing. 

Sure, they did the bare minimum by ensuring their H1 captured “Chromecast vs Airtame” traffic. 

But visitors have to scroll down further on the page to even begin understanding the differences.

(And not to beat up on Airtame, but they don’t even do that particularly well throughout the page.) 

Here’s what you should do instead

  • Use the space below your H1 to write a tagline or short paragraph about what makes you different. 
  • Change the font of that copy (size, colour, boldness) to stand out just as prominently as the H1
  • Take that primary differentiator and reinforce it throughout the entire page

Watch Oakley and Federico break down this example from episode 1

2️⃣ Go beyond feature comparison charts

Just like SEO optimization, feature comparison charts are a necessary evil of a comparison page…or are they!?

To be sure, there is some value in a familiar looking, easy-to-read, easy-to-understand side-by-side us versus them feature comparison. 

But you’re probably not going to win many deals by selling your features.

What you WILL sell deals with is selling your value. 

Exhibit B: hey.com from episode 4


In this example from episode 4, Federico shows us how a manifesto page, while not directly calling out a competing company, can accomplish the same differentiation goals.

As you can see, this is not a list of all the reasons why the company has better features than traditional email providers.

Rather, this page features clear messaging about the value it offers in solving the pains of email. 

3 reasons why this page rocks

  • It makes readers immediately understand that hey is fundamentally (“unanimously”) different. 
  • It gives a nod to how much they love email, while acknowledging the way email is today doesn’t work.
  • It puts the reader at the centre of the problem by making traditional email the villain that once was a hero but now has “turned against you”. 

The key here is that true differentiation can never be accomplished via a comparison chart. 

You need one clear differentiating message at the top of your page, and then you need to beat that drum throughout the entire website. 

3️⃣ Don’t be afraid to get creative

Sometimes when markets are so saturated it’s almost impossible to stand out, you just need to do something different — something creative. 

Such is the case in this example from episode 4 (and my personal favourite comparison page of season 1 so far). 

While “company vs company” is largely the most applicable search query for comparison pages, “company alternative” is a close second. 

The people are Zendesk decided that when someone searches “Zendesk alternative” they weren’t going to land on a competitor page. 

Instead, Zendesk got a little moody and created this amazing concept for a comparison page. 

Exhibit C: Zendesk alternative


As you can see, this is not a CRM alternative to Zendesk. 

It’s a website featuring a fictitious Seattle-based alternative rock group.

Now, despite my overwhelming love for this concept, we don’t actually learn much (or anything) about Zendesk’s product. 

But the brand shines through. It’s going to capture traffic that otherwise would be destined for a competitor’s page. And it’s hilarious. 

(Check out the lyrics to their hit song Open Source the Future. The merch store is all sold out unfortunately.) 

So while this may not be the best, most effective comparison page out there, it’s an example of how companies everywhere need to think outside the box when it comes to differentiation and messaging. 

Check out the Zendesk example in episode 4 of Compared to What? 

🎉 Compete Week 2022 Dates Announced 🎉


ICYMI, you’ve got plans November 29th to December 2nd. 

Compete Week 2022 is bringing together more than 15 speakers, 10 tactical presentations, workshops, games and more! 

No more full-day seminars. Each day will be 2-4 hours long, feature 1:1 connections, and interactive sessions that get you on your feet (with excitement). 

Keep an eye out on Klue’s LinkedIn page for the full speaker reveal in early November. 

And head to the Compete Week registration page to save your spot today

👬 Coffee & Compete Community Corner 👭

Highly-skilled Canva user alert 🚨 

Allow me to share this wonderful collage I made featuring the yellow mug taking the world by storm, and some of the best humans on planet earth. 

There’s nothing that makes us at Klue happier than connecting with the extraordinary customers and compete pros that make our community so special. 

Whether it’s through Linkedin or IRL, myself and the rest of the Klue crew are always here to support where we can, and crack a few jokes along the way. 


Thanks for reading this week’s edition of Coffee & Compete. As always, please reach out to me and the rest of the team with your thoughts and feedback. 

And If you know someone who isn’t already subscribed to Coffee & Compete, be a good friend and tell them about us.

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