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Klue Is Bringing Win-Loss Analysis into Our ‘All-in-Won’ Compete platform

Klue Is Bringing Win-Loss Analysis into Our ‘All-in-Won’ Compete platform

Big news — Klue has acquired DoubleCheck Research, a leader in win-loss analysis.

This is a huge step towards building the ‘All-in-Won’ Compete platform for our customers, and putting you in the driver’s seat of a critical, revenue-driving program within your company. 

From day one, Klue’s mission has been to help our customers win more with actionable competitive and market insights.

Here are a few reasons why bringing DoubleCheck and win-loss analysis into the Klue team is going to help our customers do exactly that.

A more complete picture and analysis of your market

Traditionally, compete platforms have used market and competitive insights to provide an overview of your market landscape. However, a critical ingredient was missing.

Unlocking buyer intelligence.

The power of adding buyer intelligence from qualitative win-loss analysis with market and competitive insights gives companies an even clearer view of themselves, their market, and their position within the market relative to competitors.

As the first provider in the market to offer win-loss services as part of our solution, customers will now drive a program that possesses a single source of truth on why you are winning and losing business to the competition.

Klue is a competitive enablement platform that combines competitive intelligence with market intelligence, buyer intelligence and sales enablement

A more cohesive go-to-market strategy for leadership

More and more, formal win-loss analysis programs are becoming required by leadership teams who need to go beyond their CRM data and gut instinct to truly understand why they’re winning and losing business against key competitors.

With this acquisition, customers can now combine competitive, market, and buyer insights into a more complete story that informs and influences your executive team’s go-to-market strategy.

It puts you — the product marketer and compete professional — at the center of a critical program that drives strategic business decisions. Jennifer Roberts, Director of Marketing Strategy at ServiceTitan, (and builder of four win-loss programs!) shared this recently at Compete Week:

“Win-loss analysis allows you to anchor teams around a single point of view. You can align different stakeholders to one area. It allows you to focus on the top competition and quantify why they’re the top competition.

It allows you to navigate different stakeholders who think that our competitors are different, or that an ankle-biter is worth spending all of your resources on versus a legacy competitor who’s been stealing from you regularly.”

In order to build a winning go-to-market strategy, you have to remove the guesswork out of why you’re winning and losing business.

More actionable win-loss insights across your organization

Win-loss analysis has typically been used to inform and drive strategic decisions amongst executive teams.

However, the value of win-loss can, and should, extend far beyond just the boardroom.

Bringing win-loss into Klue’s enablement platform ensures insights don’t just live with leadership, but make their way to teams across the entire organization to help them win more; whether it’s your sales reps or customer success managers needing tactical insights to win and retain revenue today, or your product teams needing insights to inform how they can build a differentiated product tomorrow.

This acquisition will make sure that the right information gets into the hands of the right people at the right time so they can make more informed and more successful decisions.

Today is a good day; for Klue, for DoubleCheck, for our customers, and for the compete industry. 

We can’t wait to win more, with you. 

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