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Jun 30th 2024

How to Find, Target, and Take Your Competitor’s Customers

5 min

Nothing is sweeter than landing a customer that jumps over from your competitor. Here’s how to find, target, and take these buyers from them.

Oct 10th 2023

Here’s Two Ways Competitors are Actually Impacting your Sales Efficiency

5 min

Revenue leaders are saying that losing winnable deals to the competition is hurting their sales efficiency. We’ve got the data behind why it’s happening, and what you can do about it.

Sep 27th 2023

Klue x 30 Minutes to President’s Club: 4 Tips to Outsell the Competition

3 min

Klue and 30 Minutes to President’s Club share four ways your reps can outsell the competition in their next deal.

Sep 15th 2023

No More ‘Closed Lost’ to the Competition: What to Expect at Compete Week 2023

3 min

Compete Week 2023 is the biggest week of everything compete. And you won’t want to miss it. 

Aug 31st 2023

Win The Deals You Should Have Won: Four Real-Life Lessons From Competitive Deals

4 min

Klue spoke with experts who have been a part of hundreds of competitive deal cycles to recount the most memorable ones of their careers.

Aug 14th 2023

Two Reasons Why Sellers Close (or Flop) against Competitors, According to the Data

6 min

Klue data found two big reasons that separates high and low-performing reps when selling against competitors.

Aug 2nd 2023

How to use the Value Wedge in Competitive Sales

4 min

Beating your competitors in deals can be a tight race. Here’s how to use a value wedge in sales to squeeze ahead.

Jun 7th 2023

Four Takeaways From How 300+ Revenue Leaders Are Competing

3 min

Deals are more competitive. You feel it, you see it, and you’re not alone. We surveyed 316 executives, VPs and director-level revenue leaders to find out what they’re doing about it.

May 23rd 2023

Competitive Selling: 6 Strategies and Techniques to Help You Beat the Competition

5 min

Former Gong Head of Sales, author and sales coach David Priemer and Klue’s Leigh Quinlan break down six competitive selling techniques they can’t live without.

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