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Dec 16th 2022

The 31 Best Win-Loss Questions You Should Be Asking

5 min

A win-loss interview is the best way to get first-hand feedback on your entire sales cycle, from discovery through to decision.

May 30th 2022

Becoming the Expert: How Triaging Competitive Intel Elevates Your Role

5 min

The real work of your competitive enablement program comes with smart intel curation. Klue’s triage mode makes it faster than ever to do.

May 5th 2022

Competitive Intelligence Is Nothing Without Competitive Enablement; Here’s Why

6 min

Competitive Intelligence falls short in delivering actionable insights to the organization. Competitive Enablement fills that gap.

Apr 18th 2022

Questions to Ask in Your Competitive Confidence Survey

3 min

Running a competitive confidence survey will soon be a matter of course for competitive enablement programs. Measuring sales confidence levels in your compete program […]

Apr 13th 2022

The Competitive Enablement Metric You Didn’t Know You Needed: Confidence

4 min

Klue’s Competitive Enablement Manager Brandon Bedford breaks down why Competitive Confidence is the newest and best KPI for Competitive Experts

Mar 31st 2022

4 Ways a Competitive Confidence Survey Levels-up your Competitive Program

4 min

Building confidence in sales is something all the best competitive enablement programs have in common. When you’re producing competitive content sales reps love, and […]

Mar 28th 2022

Why HBO Max Will Dominate Netflix within 10 Years

12 min

Netflix first-mover status was a competitive advantage. But HBO Max, Disney+ and others are quickly catching up in the streaming wars.

Mar 22nd 2022

The Secret to Boosting Sales Confidence Against Competitors

5 min

Knowledge plus experience equals confidence. Confidence leads to trust, and trust leads to sales. Here’s how a competitive confidence survey can help boost your sales confidence and close more deals.

Mar 15th 2022

Sales Landmines and Quick Dismiss: Competitive Sales Tactics You Need to Know

6 min

Sales Landmines and the quick dismiss are essential tactics in competitive selling. Learn and leverage the crucial differences between them.

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