Jul 29th 2022

Know, Say, Show: The Secret Ingredients to a Deal-Winning Battlecard

5 min

Start building best practices for battlecards by following our simple framework: Know. Say. Show.

Mar 15th 2022

Sales Landmines and Quick Dismiss: Competitive Sales Tactics You Need to Know

6 min

Sales Landmines and the quick dismiss are essential tactics in competitive selling. Learn and leverage the crucial differences between them.

Feb 3rd 2022

​Get Started with Internal Intel Collection

5 min

Levelling up any competitive enablement program starts with tapping into the minds of your internal teams and learning how you stack up against the competition

Nov 3rd 2021

Competitive Objection Handling 101: Your Guide to Knocking Competitors out of Deals and Earning the Trust of Your Buyers

10 min

Objection handling in sales is the most valuable skill when it comes to winning more deals against competitors. Here’s your crash course on how to do it best.

Apr 29th 2021

Gong and Klue: How to Integrate Gong Intel into your Competitive Enablement Program

6 min

Learn how to integrate competitive intelligence from Gong into Klue to build competitive battlecards with real examples from sales reps.

Mar 1st 2021

Target Customer Analysis in 8 Steps: Who Does Your Competition Target?

5 min

Eight steps process to analyzing your competitor’s target customers. Step-by-step instructions, templates, and battlecard examples.

Jul 30th 2020

How to Build Battlecards Salespeople Love 

8 min

Increase win rates, shorten sales cycle time, and improve adoption of competitive intelligence by building battlecards that salespeople love.

Mar 24th 2020

Competitive Battlecards 101: Objection Handling Sales Battlecard

5 min

Your competitors are talking sh*t. This sales battlecard template provides examples on how to handle objections and raise counterpoints against competitors.

Mar 22nd 2020

Competitive Product Analysis Template

7 min

Eight steps to conduct a competitive analysis of your competitors’ products using a combination of internal and publicly-available information.