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Apr 3rd 2023

The Low-Down on Low Content Adoption and How to Fix it

5 min

What’s the reason for low adoption? Well, there’s never just one reason. But these fives experts have adoption best practices that’ll help your program no matter what ails it.

Mar 1st 2023

Competitors Are Stealing Your Customers: Why Customer Retention Should be a Competitive Priority

8 min

Learn why improving customer retention is the most overlooked opportunity for current competitive enablement programs to impact revenue.

Feb 14th 2023

Maximize Your Executive Meeting with a Winning Win-Loss Analysis Template

6 min

Be the hero of your next executive meeting with this fully editable and customizable win-loss analysis template.

Feb 2nd 2023

Clara Smyth: Why the Timing is Right to Join Klue

3 min

I’ve had the privilege of working in compete for amazing tech companies in past. Today, I’m excited to announce I’m joining Klue!

Jan 10th 2023

Four Competitive Insights That Will Help Your Sellers Win More Deals

6 min

What competitive intelligence should your reps be armed with by your product marketing and enablement teams to close more deals?

Dec 16th 2022

The 31 Best Win-Loss Questions You Should Be Asking

5 min

A win-loss interview is the best way to get first-hand feedback on your entire sales cycle, from discovery through to decision.

Dec 1st 2022

The Five Most Important Things I Learned About Battlecards

5 min

Five important lessons about what it takes to build great battlecards from examples learned through Klue’s newly released battlecard video series.

Nov 1st 2022

Eric Holland: My biggest takeaways from the Winner’s Circle

4 min

LucidLink’s Sales Enablement Manger Eric Holland shares his biggest takeaways from the inaugural Winner’s Circle Event

Oct 19th 2022

How to Consolidate Win-Loss Intel from Clozd, DoubleCheck and Other Win-Loss Providers Into Klue

6 min

Buyers make decisions based on a variety of factors. Knowing which are driving your success or failure in deals is incredibly valuable. That’s where win-loss comes in.

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