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Jun 18th 2023

The 7 Biggest Problems Affecting your Competitive Intelligence Framework 

5 min

It’s impossible to build a competitive intelligence framework without first establishing the problems that it will solve.

Jun 7th 2023

Four Takeaways From How 300+ Revenue Leaders Are Competing

3 min

Deals are more competitive. You feel it, you see it, and you’re not alone. We surveyed 316 executives, VPs and director-level revenue leaders to find out what they’re doing about it.

May 23rd 2023

Competitive Selling: 6 Strategies and Techniques to Help You Beat the Competition

5 min

Former Gong Head of Sales, author and sales coach David Priemer and Klue’s Leigh Quinlan break down six competitive selling techniques they can’t live without.

May 23rd 2023

Building a Competitive Insight: How to Create an Unfair Advantage for Your Business

7 min

A step-by-step walkthrough (and example!) of how to build a competitive insight that helps your revenue teams win deals.

May 12th 2023

Nine Tips for Building Your First Sales Battlecard (and all the Other Ones)

4 min

Sales battlecards are the fastest path to value for you as a competitive enablement professional. Use these tips to keep you on track no matter where you are in your battlecard journey.

May 4th 2023

Competitive Intelligence Ethics Gone Wrong: Three Real-Life Examples of Crossing the Line

4 min

The line between ethical and unethical competitive intelligence isn’t always obvious. ithout competitive intelligence ethics in place, you’re risking reputational — and possibly legal — consequences.

May 1st 2023

Breaking Down the Four Walls: How to Access Competitive Intel from Your Revenue Teams

5 min

Levelling up any competitive enablement program starts with tapping into the minds of your internal teams and learning how you stack up against the competition

Apr 25th 2023

Customer Churn Analysis: What it is and how to use it for your business

5 min

Keeping customers has never been more critical for businesses. Learn how to use customer churn analysis to achieve exactly that.

Apr 3rd 2023

Closing the Competitive Revenue Gap

4 min

“You’re currently losing $56 million a year in net new revenue to competitors.” Peter asked the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of the fast-growing cybersecurity […]

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