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Goodbye Guesswork: Announcing Competitive Revenue Analytics
Product Updates

Goodbye Guesswork: Announcing Competitive Revenue Analytics

For far too long, businesses have had to rely on gut feel when building their competitive enablement program.

Hunches on which competitors are the biggest threat to revenue.

Blindspots on the competitors their sales team is struggling to win against.

Assumptions on which sales reps are winning and losing the most competitive deals.

Uncertainty about how much their competitive enablement efforts are influencing revenue.

Now, it’s time to toss out the guesswork and embrace the data: introducing Competitive Revenue Analytics.

competitive revenue analytics by klue

Competitive Revenue Analytics: A data-backed approach to your compete program

With Klue’s Competitive Revenue Analytics, your entire business has a clearer picture of their competitive landscape.

Revenue leaders can see biggest threats to open pipeline this quarter, and individual performance of their reps against specific competitors.

Compete pros now have a clear view into where they should prioritize their efforts; whether it’s building collateral like sales battlecards, increased research on an emerging ankle biter, or greater competitive enablement for reps struggling against your most well-known competitor.

What’s more, it provides your business with an objective measure of revenue impact that competitive enablement has for the business.


Here’s how our customers are using Competitive Revenue Analytics to get ahead today:

Identify Your Competitive Revenue Gap: Klue allows you to calculate your Competitive Revenue Gap directly from your CRM, giving you a clear picture of where you stand.

Prioritize Your Efforts: Klue helps you focus your efforts on competitors stealing the most revenue, ensuring your time is spent where it matters the most.

Spot Competitors in Your Open Pipeline: Klue enables you to identify competitors in your open pipeline, allowing you to impact revenue this quarter.

Assess Rep Performance: With Klue, you can see which reps are winning and losing against competitors, helping you identify areas for improvement.

Clean Up Your CRM Data: Klue identifies which fields and which sales reps are missing data, assisting you in maintaining a clean, reliable CRM.

Pro Tip: Connect the Klue + Gong integration to automatically sync competitor mentions from sales calls into Salesforce or HubSpot.

Measure Your Impact: Most importantly, Klue allows you to measure the true revenue impact of your competitive enablement program, proving your value and contribution to the bottom line.

With Klue, you’re not just surviving in the competitive landscape, you’re thriving. Turn the guesswork into a strategy, and start your journey to a more data-driven competitive enablement program today.


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