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Fact, Impact, Act: The Battlecard Framework You Need to Be Using

Fact, Impact, Act: The Battlecard Framework You Need to Be Using

Battlecard content is the most consumable and actionable competitive content you can create. As long as you do it the right way.

Using a consistent and repeatable competitive battlecard structure to organize your competitive intelligence is the first step towards battlecard greatness.

Enter: the Fact, Impact, Act (FIA) framework for building your competitive battlecard.

Sales battlecard example using the 'Fact, Impact, Act' framework.

In this article, we’ll take you through a fictitious example of Pied Piper using the three levels of the FIA framework in their battlecard to help reps compete with Stripe. In this example, we’ll be using a ‘Why we Win’ battlecard.

Let’s roll!

P.S. Don’t wanna read? Watch our short video walking through the FIA battlecard framework below.

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competitive battlecards

Level one: facts and facts only

The starting point for your sales battlecard framework is simple: what is the competitive insight you’re trying to educate your teams about?

This is the fact. 

In the case of a ‘Why we Win’ battlecard, the competitive insight — yep, you guessed it! — will highlight a reason why your business wins deals over a competitor.

The fact should lead your battlecard, either in the title of the card or the first sentence. Make sure to write it out as concisely as possible, ideally in one sentence.

In our example below, the fact is ‘Stripe offers a variable pricing model where the transaction fee can increase depending on a variety of factors’. 

This statement alone isn’t going to move your reps toward winning a deal… yet. But it grounds them quickly with what they need to know about a competitor’s weakness. 

Now let’s get to the good stuff.


Level two: facts + implication

The second level of the FIA battlecard framework is about communicating the implications of the fact.

In other words, what is the impact of this competitive insight? More specifically, why does this intel matter to our teams in the field?

Let’s continue with Stripe’s entirely made-up pricing example. Through your competitive intelligence research and win-loss analysis you’ve discovered that Stripe’s pricing model is complex, much moreso than your company’s transparent pricing model.

In the impact section of the battlecard, share why this competitive insight is a reason that we win business over Stripe:

Many competitor’s find Stripe’s pricing model difficult to wrap their heads around, which positions Pied Piper’s simple pricing model in a positive light.

Then the situations where they can best leverage it:

We can leverage this fact on calls to identify to our ICP of small businesses looking for a payment solution with consistent pricing and no surprises.”

This context sets your revenue teams up to drive home your value wedge.

Now it’s time to enable them to weave this into the sales cycle and get a competitive advantage.


Level three: facts + implication + action

The final section of your battlecard should provide your teams with the recommended actions they should take to use this competitive insight in a deal.

The most common action to include in your battlecards is talk tracks.

An easy way to break down competitive talk tracks is in three parts: prompt, follow up, and validate.

Back to our example of positioning your pricing model as a simpler alternative to Stripe, here’s how that would look:

Prompt: “How important is keeping pricing consistent and transparent in your decision-making?

Follow up: “I ask because while Stripe is a great platform for teams with deep pockets and robust engineering teams, it may not hit the right notes for small businesses needing consistent pricing.

Stripe’s pricing model is intricate, varying and changing depending on your use case and even your location.

Pied Piper’s on the other hand is consistent all over the world, making for consistently easy transactions and easier budgeting.”

Validate: “Which of those two solutions better fits your needs?”

Lastly, the act section of your battlecard doesn’t need to just be a talk track. It can be anything! 

Okay, well not anything… but it could tell your rep a certain feature they should demo, a reinforcing customer story to share, or even something to not say in the situation.


The 3 levels of deploying winning content

Facts alone don’t tell the whole story. Facts with context get you further along, but that still won’t be enough to beat the competition.

But when you combine the facts with context, explain the impact of that context, and enable your reps with actions that win deals, now you’re reps are set up for competitive selling.

Your entire organization is now on its way to closing your competitive revenue gap.

And you’ll become a beast of a battlecard builder in the process.

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